Sorghum flour belongs to the sub-crop of the cereal grains like flax, amaranth, wheat and soya. It is one of the favorite ingredients in Indian cuisine as well as bakery items. Sorghum is a combination of two different kinds of grain. It is the main source of Bhatri, which is a kind of maize meal popular in northern India and Pakistan and in Middle East. The other kind is called ‘Rupay’ which is a very tough maize meal.

Sorghum flour is brownish or pale in color with a lightly sweet flavor. It’s a very versatile flour because of its non asserting vanilla flavor and soft feel. It’s used for a variety of baked recipes and also as a replacement for other sweeteners like honey and molasses. You can find this flour in various supermarkets and health food stores.

If you have never tried cooking with sorghum flour or used it as a substitute for other sweetening agents then you should try some dishes that use it. One of these is the traditional Indian dessert ‘jowar roti’. This delicious dessert is served after dinner along with some pickles, mangoes and fried green gram dal. To make the jowar roti, all you need are some almonds, clarified butter, dry fruits like cashews and coconut, and lower meat (but here we use husks).

Sorghum is also widely used as a replacement for rice or wheat in all kinds of Indian curries. Even North Indian recipes use wheat or rice to make the humus or the base of the curry. You may have seen them in north Indian take away or food centers. A simple recipe is to cook dry fruits and put them in a tin and fry in a pan till they start to release their liquid. You can then add small pieces of rice or wheat, chopped or ground, and mix them into the liquid so that they have the right consistency.

Sorghum has been found to contain a lot of dietary fiber, iron, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, and a lot of B vitamins. It also has trace amounts of several other vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins. It has been shown to help increase the production of new cells in your intestines and help your body to absorb more nutrients. It also helps you maintain your healthy bowel movements. In other words, you will have fewer incidences of constipation and you will be able to keep your bowel movements regular.

Sorghum is one of the best grains for those who are trying to lose weight because it contains a lot of dietary fibers and B vitamins. It will keep you from getting weak when you are eating too much red meat or other animal fat. While it does not have very many calories, it does contain a decent amount of fat and therefore it should be used in place of butter and other high calorie fats when you are cooking for two. It will keep you from becoming obese because it can reduce the absorption of dietary fat.

If you make use of sorghum flour in your recipes, you can easily transform them into tasty pancakes, muffins and breads. You can use the left over flours in your baked goods. This makes them even tastier. There are many websites that offer easy to follow instructions for making use of this flour in your baked goods. You can also find out how to create your own version of pancakes, muffins and breads in various delicious recipes.

Since sorghum flour contains a considerable amount of iron, it is very effective in reducing blood sugar levels. Therefore, you can use it in combination with other sources of iron to prevent a rise in your blood sugar levels once you start on your diabetes diet. Once you incorporate this into your diabetic diet, you can be sure that you are in good shape for a long time to come. It helps to control your sugar as well as your insulin levels.

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